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Our Matting Systems Products

Dustproof Mats

High density fibers & mixed fabric scrape dust & debris effectively

Absorbs water well, dries quickly

High quality nylon which is anti-UV to prevent fading

Double fabric, strong fibers that trap dust & gather dirt well

PVC-backing for slip-resistant

Reduce times of maintenance

Suitable for high traffic areas such as Hallways, Outdoors, Supermarkets and Quays

Logo Mats

Made of high-density nylon

A wide range of patterns and designs are available

High-density spray dye techniques

Vast range of colours for your selection

MBR rubber-backing is slip-resistant

Customise to suit your brand image/ Colourful, stylish logos to promote corporate image

Aluminum Recessed Mats

100% cotton mats, absorb water and grease exceptionally well

Double backing for heat-resistant, cold-resistant

Withstand heat, cold and crushing


Minimum maintenance costs

Available for Inside Entrances in wet weathers, Restrooms, Kitchens, and other Wet & Greasy Areas

Heavy-Traffics Mats

Made of high-density fibers, mixed fabrics, scrape dust

Absorbs water well & dries quickly

Ideal for : Indoors, Outdoors and Hallways

Customization to meet your needs

Chair Mats

Ideal for Floor Protections and protect your surface

Prevents Leg Fatique and ease movements

Creates elegant and clean environment

High quality without curling up over time

Size 900 mm x 1200 mm

Coil Or Cushion Mats

Improve Blood Circulations

Prevents Slip & Falls

Easily Absorbed Water, Dust & Dirts



Toilet Anti-Slip Mats

Exclusive Z-shaped Surface Scrapes Dirt Effectively, Which Is Slip-Resistance

Fireproof and Non-Falammable. Durable Surface is Milddew Proof and Anti-UV

Holes in Mat Allow Water Drains Fast. Cleaning is Easy

Reinforced Rubber Border Is Allowed to Add, which offers easy cart access

Available for Hotels, Restuarants, Hospitals, Supermarkets, Commercial Complexes, Banks, Airdromes, Quays and other High-Traffic Areas

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Slip-Resistant, Anti-Fatigue, Waterproof, Crush-Resistant, Cushioned and Anti-Grease Surface Enhanced Productivity

Beveled Edges for Safety and Easy Cart Access

Non-Backing Construction Which Allows Waste and Liquid to Pass Through Surface is Easy To Clean

100% NBR Rubber. Slip-Resistant Surface Prevents Accidents

Available for Kitchen, Bars and Industrial Areas

193 mm x 52 mm

Nylon Mats

Pile material 100% BCF Nylon

Backing PVC, Pattern Tufted cut pile

Size Rolls 18m (1.2m x 18m)

Total height 8.5mm +-. Pile height 7mm +-.

Total weight 3800g +-. Pile weight 1000g +-.

4 Colors available.

Grass Carpet

3/8" Tufted Cut Pile

100% Synthetic

Size Rolls 2m x 25m

Total height 32mm +-. Pile height 30mm +-.

Total weight 2500g +-. Pile weight 1350g +-.

Draining Latex

Coin Mat or PVC Rubber Mat

1.3m W x 15m L x 2mm Thickness

2 Patterns Available

3 Colors Available

Heterogenous Vinyl Sheet

Heterogeneous sheet Polyvinyl chloride

Castor chair - Antistatic Behaviors

Underfloor Heating - Chemical Resistant

2m x 20m


Protection Vinyl floor sheet

PVC sheet 0.5mm

1.83m x 30m

Main for protection, temporary use, waterproof

Easy to use, light , soft

Needle Punch Mat

Construction: Needle Punch , Event mat

Fibre : 100% Synthetic Fibre

Fixation Method : Fully Resin- Impregnated

Roll Size : 2m x 30m

Thickness : 2mm